Frequently asked questions


  • Bluetooth pairing no longer functions for devices I've paired with previously
    For iOS devices where pairing has already been completed, open the iOS setting window and tap the Bluetooth option. Previously paired devices will display. Remove the device that no longer functions from the list. Perform device pairing with A&D connect once more.
  • Pairing Completed' is not displayed on App
    If 'Paring Completed' does not display on App after the paring procedure, perform a measurement to check whether data is transmitted. If data is not transmitted, go to Setting --> Bluetooth in the Android OS menu and pair again. This problem may occur for some Android devices.
  • Measurement data is not transmitted
    Data is received through the dashboard. Open the application and ensure that the dashboard screen is displayed before you take a measurement. After measurement, the data will be transmitted automatically.
    If measurement data is not tranmitted to the A&D Connect App on your first measurement after pairing, please try again. This problem may occur for some Android devices.
  • I want to see the next / previous data on dashboard
    Swipe the device parameter (blood pressure, weight, etc) from left to right to see the previous data entry. Swipe from right to left to see the next data entry.
  • I want to see graphs and history records
    On the dashboard tap a device parameter (blood pressure, weight, etc) to display the device dashboard. A graph with options for daily, weekly, and monthly records will be displayed.
  • There is an incorrect weight reading in my history
    Find the reading at history screen and swipe right to left. A delete option will be available.
  • I want to input my glucose level.
    On the side menu click the settings option. Slide the blood sugar level option to on. Select the preferred measurement unit. Input data manually and select pre-meal or post-meal. The data will be displayed on the dashboard. After the initial input if you would like to add data again tap the plus icon in the glucose parameter of the dashboard, and input in the same way.
  • I want to sync my data with Apple Health kit
    When you open the A&D Connect App for the first time after installation, you are able to choose the parameters you would like to have synced automatically with Health Kit. If you would like to change this setting after the initial setup, open the Apple Health Kit app and select the source button at the bottom. Choose A&D Connect and the setting menu will display. You are free to choose what data to sync.
  • I want to sync my data with Microsoft Healthvault
    On the side menu tap the settings option. Tap Microsoft Healthvault and a login request for your Microsoft account will display. Input your Microsoft account or other designated account information. After signing in measurement data will be uploaded to Healthvault. In order to complete the sync with Healthvault, an internet connection is required.
  • I want to share my data by email, message, or through 3rd party services
    Screenshots of the dashboard, blood pressure, weight screens or CSV files of history records can be shared. Tap the share icon at the upper right of the dashboard or device dashboard screen. A new screen with icons for services that data can be shared with will appear. Choose the service you'd like to share and the data from the previous screen can be sent.
  • I want to cancel the 'Snooze' function
    Turn off the Snooze function in the Reminder setting of the toolbar, otherwise repeat notifications will occur every 5 minutes.
  • Bluetooth pairing does not function after the update of iOS.
    Please proceed unpairing and repairing as follows.
    1. Please choose Bluetooth in iOS Setting
    2. You can see paired device list, tap 'i' at the right end of the device which you want to unpair
    3. Please choose 'Forget This Device'
    4. Please perform device pairing with A&D connect once more.

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